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Wet Sock Treatment

This therapy is used mainly for ear infections, teething problems, dental infections, sore throats, and headaches. However, this is only done if there is:

  1. A fever greater than 99 Degrees;
  2. Heat congestion in the face and head

Take a thin pair of cotton socks and soak them in the coldest possible tap water. Then, wring them out so they are still wet, but not dripping. Pull these wet socks over the feet. Then, cover the wet cotton socks with a pair of dry wool socks. The wool socks must be at least 60 % wool. Leave this combination of socks on overnight or until the wet cotton socks are dry.

The action of this therapy is to pull blood from the face and head area and draw it towards the feet. This relieves pain from a tooth or ear problem, may decrease a fever state, and allows for a deep sleep as the cold socks warm up to body temperature.

If you are unsure of this application or have questions regarding this or other home hydrotherapies, please contact either Dr. Sarah Lane or Christine White at: 406.542.2147.


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